Alice Top: Unflattering Conclusions

Today I’m posting revealing photos of my Tessuti Alice tops; not just on my mannequin, but on me! I’ll preface this post by saying, although I like them as tops,  I think they are unflattering on me. Let’s see why… Selfie Photo Confidence I’ve been working hard to build my selfie photo confidence. I know this is a problem I… Continue reading Alice Top: Unflattering Conclusions

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Alice Top With Nano Iro and Embroidery

I’m working on my embroidered Alice top with the V-neck adaptation. I’ve used three different fabrics: a Nano Iro  double-gauze 80cm remnant, washed linen and a printed lawn. They’re all playing nicely together. There is a very faint glimmer of metallic overprinting in the Nano Iro gauze and I wanted to pick up on that with… Continue reading Alice Top With Nano Iro and Embroidery

Bits and Bobbins

Bits and Bobbins: March 31st Sewing Highlights

I’ve always wanted bigger hair. Maybe the answer is to get some great head scarves and wear them like Tutti Bennett. The glasses are fabulous too! (Advanced Style) I want to try some rose gold Tieks. How comfortable are they? I don’t know if you can get them in the UK. But I’m very happy, because… Continue reading Bits and Bobbins: March 31st Sewing Highlights

Bits and Bobbins

Birthday Bits and Bobbins

Thursday will be my weekly day for round-ups. I’ll keep you posted about my latest obsessions and the week’s sewing highlights. I’m calling it Bits and Bobbins. Beware, there are sew many potential puns in a sewing blog. Today is my first Bits and Bobbins. Bits and Bobbins It’s my birthday today – last one before I hit the half-century!… Continue reading Birthday Bits and Bobbins