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The History of Juju

In a galaxy far, far, far away (Montreal in the 1980’s), Juju trained as a fashion designer with a special interest in knits. She then ran a business selling handmade knits, across North America, using an army of home workers. This exhausted her, so she fled to London, England to study for an MA in knitted textiles.

She settled in London, made some babies and spent the next 22 years writing and contributing to a variety of craft books (rag rug making, beading, quilting… you name it), teaching and proselytising about the joys of making things.

The Juju Vail Blog

After my fashion degree, I was put off by the disposability and superficiality of the fashion world, as well as the way it glorified the young, genetically beautiful and thin, and ignored the rest of us.

The maker movement has revived my interest in clothes. 

I love sharing my enthusiasm for making my own clothes. Clothes that suit the (nearly) 50 year-old me. I know a lot of women, my age, still want to take pleasure and express ourselves through dress. We have found the Advanced Style movement very inspiring.
But finding clothes that flatter and fit our maturing figures, while expressing our personalities, isn’t always easy.

My blog explores styling, sewing, and making ideas, for grown-up girls. There may also be some occasional posts about my other interests, such as painting and knitting. Join me as I write and blog about customising clothes for my mature, curvy figure.

Juju’s Knit Stuff

I am still knitting! But this has taken a back seat to my sewing adventures, for the last year. I am currently using knitting as a means to relax and enjoy a bit of colour work. It’s all about the fabric for me.

Image of Juju's Loops cover
Cover of Juju’s Loops

I am the designer behind Juju’s Loops and Pop Spots.

Picture of Pop Spots Shawl
Grey and lilac version of Pop Spots shawl.

I teaching knitting classes and at Loop and West Dean and I run the knit night at Loop on Thursday nights. Come along and join us, I’m very chatty!

I also photograph knits for Pom Pom Quarterly, Loop, and other clients. Please contact me if you are interested in collaborating.

I still think I am the world’s fastest knitter, but it has yet to be proven.

Some of Juju’s Favourite Things

  1. Pattern and colour!
  2. People who laugh at their own jokes
  3. The smell of moth balls and wool (I know, I know)
  4. Shetland wool and Angora bunnies (together please)
  5. Watercolour brushes
  6. Coffee and Cocktails
  7. A good, loud chat (some might say gossip)
  8. Lyle Lovett and Jason Isbell (all country music for me)
  9.  Lynda Barry
  10. Comedy podcasts, particularly, My Brother, My Brother and Me