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Me Made May First Week

Me Made May at jujuvail.comMy first week of Me Made May 2016. I had me some fun.

May 1st at

Me Made May 1

Me Made: Pilvi Coat, Elsa Tote, Jane dress.

Store bought: Levis jeans, Clarkes shoes, M&S undershirt, Urban Outfitters sunglasses

Comments: I love this outfit! Feel great in it, and like a celebration of spring. I wear this dress a lot, so I think I will make another one and write a blog post about it. The adjustments to the Tina Givens pattern need explaining.

MMMay'16 2nd day at

Me Made May 2

Me Made: Alice Top.

Store bought: Levis jeans, John Lewis Kin shoes, mystery sweater and sparkly socks.

Comments: I’m not sure how flattering this Alice Top is, but it seems to work okay with a cardi on top. Did you know I put pockets in my Alice top? Love me some pockets.


Me Made May at

Me Made May 3

Me Made: Vintage embroidered fabric cross body bag, self drafted pattern tunic.

Store bought: The best birthday cowboy boots from Texas, Levis, Cos knit coat

Comments: I have made a number of these yoked, tunics with pockets. One of my favourite shapes. I love this knitted sweater coat from Cos too. I must make a pattern for something like it.

Me Made May 4 at

Me Made May 4

Me Made: Knit sweater and embroidered bag.

Me Altered:Black linen dress, it was mid-calf but I shortened it because mid-calf is not the life style I lead.

Me Aquired: Friend’s dog and mucky walking shoes. Ugly but useful (the shoes not the dog, he’s cute).

Store bought: Uniqlo/Orla Keilt scarf, Urban Outfitters sunglasses, sparkly socks.

Comments: The sweater is made with Isager Highland and Alpaca held together, knitted top down. I made it up as I went along. Too lazy to even write anything down. Bad Juju.

I try to go for a walk on the marshes most mornings, clothes have to be practical and are often a bit ugly. Later I changed into wedge shoes to go out.

Me Made May 5

Me Made May 5

Me Made: Raglan dress, slip (not visible), shibori silk scarf, tote bag from vintage fabric.

Store bought: Clarkes shoes (these shoes make me feel like I’m going to a party), Ebay cheap leggings.

Comments: Voting for a new London mayor. This is the raglan t-shirt hack  that I’ve blogged about. I think I need to add a little more armscye depth to the pattern but I love wearing it. Easy and comfy. I must make more. This sweatshirt fabric is great and I figured it only took 1.2m so also a bargain.

The scarf was a shibori dyeing experiment, from years ago.

I have lots of me made, full slips in viscose jerseys. They make everything look better. I also have about 5 pairs of these cropped leggings. I like to wear them when the weather gets sticky so that my thighs don’t rub. I think they cost about £4 on eBay, so not really worth bothering to make.

Me Made May 2106 Day 6

Me Made May 6

Me Made: Michelle Dress pattern by Tina Givens, Infinity Scarf, Elsa tote bag

Store bought: Jeans, Nikes , sunglasses

Comments: This infinity scarf was a quick make yesterday. I’m making a shirt with this fabric and I have lots left over so I whipped this up. Even though I have altered the Michelle Dress, it’s still too big in the shoulders and I’m not sure the sleeves are a flattering length, but it’s comfy and cool.

I wonder whether this kind of faded floral print really suits my personality. Or am I too loud for it?

Walking to work this morning, so it’s nice to have on my running shoes.

Me made May 7th

Me Made May 7

Me Made: Tina Givens Zelda slip pattern in yellow and natural check linen, Elsa Tote bag and earrings.

Store bought: Rose gold John Lewis brogues, sparkly socks, Levis jeans, Monsoon cardi, bakelite bangles and Tiger sunglasses

Comments: I’ve tried a number of the Tina Givens patterns and found they need a lot of tweaking. I have added French bust darts, pockets and shortened the length of this dress. It looks better on me than I thought. Last year, I was wearing it with ill fitting jeans. It helps that these jeans have a good thigh fit. Seeing myself in photographs has changed the way I feel about it. It looks good in motion. I love this check yellow and natural linen. It’s quite a heavy weight. I still think I could have improved on the cut of the armyscye and maybe it goes a little too high in the front, but over all, it’s a good look.

You can’t see my earrings here. I’ll have to get another picture of them.

MMMay 8th

Me Made May 8

Me Made: Top (self drafted), earrings, bag

Store bought: sunglasses, jeans, sandals

Comments: Just finished this top. I’ve pleated the yoke, added spotted bias binding and bias finished the bottom. I’m not sure if I like it or not. My husband says he thinks it looked askew with my bag over the shoulder and that it was actually a good fit. I’m not sure. I definitely made the sleeves a tad too tight at the bicep but i’m pretty happy with the shoulder fit. Maybe this kind of smock top doesn’t suit me. Just not sure.

My Pledge

  1. Wear something Me Made everyday. Done
  2.  Bring into rotation unworn clothes. Done: I hadn’t worn the Zelda or Alice top in a while
  3. Document everyday of the month with a photo. Done: I am already feeling more confident about having my picture taken.
  4. Participate in the online communityDone: busy on Instagram, linking up with some nice folks and really enjoying it.
  5. Make 4 new garments for myself.  First item made: Yellow check top
  6. Where are the holes are in my wardrobeAchieved: another Jane and Zelda


5 thoughts on “Me Made May First Week

  1. Great week! You look fabulous and it’s so nice to see so much colour – we wear a lot of black in Melbourne and it’s a bad habit I try to break, but hard without inspiration. Go YOU!

    1. There is nothing wrong with black. It can be a great look. I love black as a backdrop to bright, folk-art inspired colours. Why not go brighter with you accessories? And thank you for the kind comments.

  2. Fantastic selection – you are my inspiration and I wish I could look even a little like you! I’m going to rifle amongst my stash and start cutting and sewing later. Must get more simple easy style into my wardrobe.

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