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Alice Top With Nano Iro and Embroidery

Alice Top with embroidery at jujuvail.com

I’m working on my embroidered Alice top with the V-neck adaptation. I’ve used three different fabrics: a Nano Iro  double-gauze 80cm remnant, washed linen and a printed lawn. They’re all playing nicely together.

Fabrics for Alice Top at jujuvail.com

There is a very faint glimmer of metallic overprinting in the Nano Iro gauze and I wanted to pick up on that with some silk/lurex embroidery. I have used a strand of the metallic lurex and a strand of the deeper pink silk thread. The lurex is a little tricky because it wants to do it’s own thing. I would have been better off using a plied embroidery thread. If it doesn’t wear well, I’ll do it again. No biggie.

embroidery on Nano Iro at jujuvail.com

It’s quite subtle but the lurex catches the light and the embroidery adds texture. I think this is going to be a pretty top. I love how pale it is. Not my usual thing but I’m looking forward to it. I need an orange underdress or skirt to wear with it.

Embroidery on linen at jujuvail.com

The Nano Iro double-gauze is particularly nice to embroider, because you can bury the thread ends between the layers of gauze.

I have only done a little embroidery, just some subtle running stitch circles, here and there.

hem embroidery at jujuvail.com

I have to throw in another picture, so that this post isn’t too pale. I wouldn’t want someone to get the wrong idea about my colour preferences. Here I’ve paired the top-in-progress with my Tokyo shawl.

Alice top in progress with Tokyo shawl at jujuvail.com


That’s a particularly bright passage of the shawl – it has a lot more beige areas really. I used left-over bits of Isager yarns from my stash and combined them with one strand of a light brown Isager Alpaca 1 yarn. The constant strand the beige Alpaca unifies the colour palette and yarn selection. I loved knitting this and I wear it a lot. I think I should do another one. It’s perfect TV knitting and I really like wearing a  rectangular shawl.

Tokyo shaw at jujuvail.com

4 thoughts on “Alice Top With Nano Iro and Embroidery

  1. Beautifully calming colours. I like bright, but I also appreciate subtle. I’ve never sewn with Nano Iro – it’s on my To Do List. There’s so many lovely ones that it’s hard to choose. What type of patterns / styles do you thing are best with this fabric?

    1. Thank you Ruth. The Nano Iro double gauze is lovely but it can have a habit of sort of sticking to undergarments. Sort of in a static cling adjacent way. Hard to explain. It is very cottony, as you would expect.
      I wear my Nano Iro dress over a viscose jersey slip and that works well but a cotton undershirt isn’t as good.

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