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Bits and Bobbins: March 31st Sewing Highlights

  • I’ve always wanted bigger hair. Maybe the answer is to get some great head scarves and wear them like Tutti Bennett. The glasses are fabulous too! (Advanced Style)

Tutti Bennett, picture from Advanced Style

  • I want to try some rose gold Tieks. How comfortable are they? I don’t know if you can get them in the UK. But I’m very happy, because I got the gold brogue dream shoes for my birthday and they are wonderful!

tiek flats

  • Today’s Agenda blog is new to me, but I think her post about fitting is bang on. She does a lot of adjustments to her sewing patterns. She states that her clothes would look good without them but she enjoys making them super comfortable for her particular body. I’ll be spending some serious time in her archives.

Nano Iro fabric with friends at

  • I bought 80cm of this Nano Iro double gauze (naturals with orange/red polkadots) at Ray Stitch. I’m planning on a V-neck Alice Top with a plain linen yoke and maybe some simple embroidery. But I also found this patterned lawn fabric in my stash. It will make a great lining but should it also make an appearance as a the V-neck facing?
  • Enjoying the style blog of Fake Fabulous, who I discovered through the great 40+Style blog.
  • After tying on many pairs of jeans and exploring today’s denim, I have decided that I need to cut my Misty Jeans much tighter in the waist/hips. I suspect they are about 5% lycra and will bag out loads, when worn. I will have notes on this Style Arc pattern, when complete. The faux front pockets are senseless.
Misty Jeans at
Misty jeans, original side seams ripped out and ready to be downsized
  • I might also have acquired the fabulous Clarks silver shoes below. They have some amazing flat shoes this Spring!!!! These ones feel great and I feel like I’m going to a party every time I wear them.
light and casual at

2 thoughts on “Bits and Bobbins: March 31st Sewing Highlights

  1. Fab!! Please start wearing crazy headscarves and glasses. Then when I get my Cruella and some Dalmatians we can walk the streets together looking AMAZING. (seriously) (planning to get a cruelly stripe in May)

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