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I’ve been happily making bags this last week. It was the perfect thing to do while recovering from the flu. I didn’t have to try anything on and look at myself in the mirror.

I have a large stash of vintage fabric and antique textiles that I’ve always planned to do something with and bags are an excellent choice for many of the smaller pieces. This piece is a very dark green wool twill with silk embroidery. I had two squares of it. I think they must have been embroidered for cushions but when I bought them they were just squares.

antique textile, vintage fabric at

They have this lovely asymmetrical embroidery. The silk has faded but not the wool. I cut a pattern that made good use of the size and shape of the pieces. There will be darts in the lower corners to give some shaping.

bag with fusible foam at
I cut away the fusible foam from the area that will have a dart.

I could have a bag with both sides embroidered but I think that the embroidery won’t enjoy rubbing up against me, so I will make the side that sits against my body in this waxed canvas.

vintage fabric bag with waxed canvas for backside at

I like how they look together. I may even have a fold over flap in the canvas. I’m looking forward to trying different interlinings with the canvas in preparation for the cape I want to sew.

I also made a jollier tote bag with this old tablecloth.

bag made from vintage fabric at

Again, I cut a shape that would showcase the print. It will have brown leather handles and brass rivets, when they arrive. I used a stiff interfacing but no foam. That stuff is pricey and it didn’t need it as the fabric is already pretty firm.

I previewed my Carkai bag in Thursday’s Bits and Bobbins. I didn’t do such a good job with fusing the interfacing to this bag. It has ended up bubbling a bit. Carkai bag at

But it’s still very wearable. It awaits it’s leather closure and rivet. I wanted a bag that wasn’t made form vintage textiles for when I wear a more modern graphic look. I think this print is fabulous. It will pair really well with my Orange leather tote instead of the Orly Keily bag that does not live in my wardrobe.

Orange Tote and patterned bag mood board at

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  1. Perfect use of that vintage fabric (and table cloth). I need to look into making a handbag, thanks for the inspiration!

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