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Bits and Bobbins: April


finished Carkai bag

  • I finished my first Carkai bag. It isn’t perfect, the interfacing caused some bubbling and the straps could have been about 15cm longer. Naughty me; I tell my students not to point out their mistakes to everyone else. Do as a say, not as I do.
  • Making the leather closure was very easy. I bought an A4 sized piece of leather and it was easy to cut into strips, sew and punch a hole through.
brown sheets of leather
brown sheets of 11mm leather
  • For my next bag I have bought strips of saddlery leather for the straps. This is much harder to punch holes in, for the straps and I think a need a larger rivet.
3mm saddlery leather
3mm saddlery leather
  • This exaggerated sleeve trend is definitely coming. I quite like the cartoonish-ness of the silhouette but what does it look like on a non-model? Maybe it doesn’t matter. It looks crazy on everyone!
cartoon sleeves
  • But I like it much better than the cropped flare, which I detest! It’s stupid of me to hate this style so much, and yet, like the weird sleeve thing. They both distort the body. I guess the sleeve seems new to me, whereas the flare is familiar but made even more difficult to wear because of leg-shortening crop. Although I do think Lauren looks great in her cropped Birkin Flares. She has long legs though, and high heels – I think that’s the secret.
Cropped Flare Style
Cropped flares on the jeans blog
  • Apparently, It’s not just me feeling the yellow love! Yellow is everywhere. Yay! It makes me feel like sunshine has arrived.

yellow love at

Zara yellow pleated top
Toast top in yellow
Toast top in yellow
  • I’m still refining my list of spring coat ideas. (I know Spring will be over before I solve this problem, but it will happen again next year).
    I think this Fillmore pattern from Sewing Workshop looks interesting, especially they way they have illustrated it, with stripes.

Fillmore pattern from Sewing Workshop

I wish they hadn’t made the model version in such dark colours. It’s difficult to see what’s going on, from the photograph. It seems like there’s a lot more texture than in the illustration. Has anyone else considered making this?

Fillmore Pattern


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    1. Nice to see you here too Hanna. You’ve done well to keep a blog up all these years. It’s fun to be back. So much has changed since those early days.

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