Emergency: I Need Jeans

jeansI’m about to lose my favourite pair of jeans. They always wear out in the crotch area first. They get fatigued by about eight months of thigh rubbing.

I have one pair of jeans that fit and two other pairs that seemed to fit in the store but got way too baggy after a few wearings. Does this happen to you? When I wash my jeans they fit great for about an hour and then they bag out. I have performed emergency surgery on the baggy jeans by adding secret elastics in the waistline but the truth is, there’s a lot of extra fabric there that is not flattering. As I often wear them in a layered look, it’s giving me a bulkier waist than I need. The girdle effect of a well fitted stretch jean would not go amiss either.

As this is an emergency, I think I will sew a pair of elastic waist skinny  pull-on jeans. This pattern is Misty from Style Arc.

Style Arc Misty pull-on Jean
Style Arc Misty pull-on Jean

I’ve wanted to try a Style Arc pattern for a while. They get good reviews and these jeans look good on others. However, I was put off from ordering a paper pattern that had to come all the way from Australia. I hadn’t realised that they also have an Etsy shop for downloads. I don’t know why they don’t make that clear.

I’m going to try making them in this grey/blue stretch denim. I’ve used it before to make a waistcoat for my husband and I love the grey colour for my spring wardrobe.

It has been a while since I have made any trousers. They are my least favourite item of clothing but it would be wonderful to have a quick tried and tested pattern that I could turn too. Here’s hoping!

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  1. The jeans thing… I always had such trouble finding jeans until I found my perfect pair – it’s the curve embracer range by a company here in Australia called Jeanswest. like. a. glove. The waist is a size down from the hips with enough coverage for generous hips without being jeggings, and beautifully made.

    They are the only jeans I’ve ever bought that havn’t needed a “paper bag” industrial belt. Even so, at the beginning I had a few pairs that bagged out and grew which was devastating. The girl in the shop explained that it was polyester that made a huge difference in recovery, and that hot washing & tumble drying was death for jeans with stretch. Less than 6% polyester won’t recover properly apparently. I don’t know if that’s science or not, but now I check the labels and make sure I get the polyester mixed in and the performance is pretty damn great! Just thought it was worth mentioning when you are looking at fabric.

    Look forward to seeing how you find that pattern, it looks like a good one.

    1. Michelle that is really interesting. I think you are right that the fabric choice is just as important as the pattern. Can you tell me what the overall fibre content is and the percentages from the label? I’d be really interested.

      1. I keep forgetting to post a reply! I have 2 pairs that have stood up to punishment, repeated washing and still fit as they did when I bought them. They both have roughly the same composition – 70ish% cotton, 30ish% polyester and 1-2% elastane.

        You do get a bit of natural give but no bagging out & great recovery.

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