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Spring Coat Fever

Spring coat inspiration at
Last Friday I rode the top deck of the bus home, along Oxford Street. I looked out at a sea of people in black winter coats. This was our first beautiful Spring day and everyone looked so dreary in their dark colours. Especially, on masse like that. I longed to see someone in colour and decided that I needed a cheerful Spring coat.
The coat above was made by Scissors and Pins Studio (found on Instagram) and is exactly what I was longing to see, as I looked out from the bus window. It is my Spring Coat inspiration.

I’ve been digging through my stash to see if I have anything appropriate for making something like this. I have a lot of lovely old bark cloth fabric pieces. But, I think I would need at least 2.5m and I don’t know that any of my pieces are big enough. I’m undecided as to whether I want to look like curtains or go for something more modern and graphic.

The two fabrics above were found on Ebay. There is enough of either to make a coat. The yellow geometric one is in Austin, Texas though. My friend Meghan should get it. I love the colour palette of the coats below. Stripes, Checks and other geometrics look good.
Bright Spring Coats at

And of course, I Love a polkadot!

Graphic Coatsat

I’m going to let the fabric pattern do the talking and keep the shape very simple. Probably no collar, bracelet length sleeves and patch pockets.

Lotta Jansdotter has a coat like this in her new book Everyday Style. It would need a full bust adjustment with an added dart and I’d have to check the sleeve width, but I think it could work. I’ve got enough of this cotton velvet fabric. Does it look too winter/Christmassy?

Lotta Jansdotter book and fabric at
Lotta Jansdotter Everyday Style and Cotton velvet fabric

Lotta Jansdottter Everyday Style is a great book! I love the way she has styled it. The clothes are worn on a diverse group of people (although perhaps, I would have liked a larger model) who all look great and like themselves. The patterns are very simple, a lot like the Japanese dressmaking books. I wonder if the sizes are more inclusive than the Japanese books? I’ll have a better look, test this coat pattern, and get back to you.

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