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waxed canvas raincoat at

Has anyone sewn with waxed canvas? I have 4 metres of this “antiqued” brown colour and I want to make a raincoat. Any hints? I found these useful ones on the Colette blog, which make me a little nervous for the happiness of my beloved sewing machine.

It’s Spring, so I want to make a raincoat of some kind. I love the design above by Ewa i Walla. But maybe it’s not ideal for waxed canvas. Those waist gathers might be too stiff and bulky. One day I’m going to draft something like it for a light rain coat. But maybe not now.

I have this pattern by Islander Sewing Systems.

islander cape

 I don’t understand the styling choices but I think the hooded version is perfect for marsh walking in London Springtime.
I wanted to try an Islander pattern. Having read through it, there is nothing very unusual about the pattern. I don’t know why, but i expected it to come with some sort of special activewear sewing instructions.
The question is, what should I line it with? Waxed canvas is cold to the touch and must be even more so when wet. I think I want something warm and slippery. A fleece backed satin? I need to find a good, affordable source.
Or I could combine a lining fabric that I already own with a quilt batting or some kind of thermal interlining. I’m all for not having to spend any extra money. Has anyone got interlining suggestions?
I’m hoping to have enough fabric left over for a bag. Cooper by Colette is very handsome.
Waxed Canvas Cooper BagBut I also really like this tote by Merchant and Mills.
Oilskin Tote by Merchant And Mills
 They sell it ready made for £125. But I think I could make something similar. Just need to find some nice leather for handles.

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