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Would You Wear Over the Knee Boots?

clarks caddy boot

I played a bit of dressmaking detective recently. My husband needed last minute funeral attire and so we made a quick pop into John Lewis. I stayed for an extra hour to try on clothes. I forced myself, as I’m feeling a little under-confident at the moment. My hair is shaggy, maybe I’ve put on a few pounds over the summer, I’m neglecting to wear make-up and feeling a bit poopy. We’ve all been there, right? But I’m determined to make myself do this anyway.

I mostly tried on things that I don’t plan to purchase, but I also forced my way into Clarks to try on a pair of tall boots, which are top of my autumn wish list. What I hadn’t realised was that all the tall boots this autumn seem to be over the knee. Clarks only had over the knee or ankle boots.

wearing over the knee boots
“How To Wear Over The Knee Boots” from Trend Spotter

These look great on models with their stick thin legs but how does this translate to a middle-aged, larger lady legs? Will this proportion work with skirts that hit the knee, rather than minis? Can I fit them over jeans or is this a tights/leggings only look?

The Over the Knee Boots Verdict

Over the Knee Boots from Clarkes

The Clarks ones come in some great colours but I’m not sure about them.

This dress is a little on the short side for me; it should be a couple of inches longer, which would cover the boot top. I’m not sure how flattering they will be when I sit down. I need a second opinion, so next time I will wear a longer dress and take a friend with me.

I’m going to have to go out and play more dressmaking detective on this one. I might even take extra clothes with me.

Is anyone out there embracing this over the knee trend? Should I go for it? What do you think?




5 thoughts on “Would You Wear Over the Knee Boots?

  1. So sorry about the funeral… You have to be careful about the over knee boots. On the tall and thin they can negatively evoke Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” and on the truly short and round “Puss in Boots” which is a good look for a cat but not so much for a woman. Stick with brown suede which is softer and lose the knee gap. Your calves are quite slender and you look good in these:) Feeling opinionated this morning…

  2. I have a black suede pair that have been a constant in my wardrobe for 3 winters now. I have large calves & boots that stop half way do me no favours. I always feel bulletproof in tall boots & the right length skirt. You should just go for it!

  3. There has never been a time since the late seventies when I haven’t had at least one pair of over the knee boots in my wardrobe – usual black suede or black leather, but I did also dabble in metallic leather. I love them (obviously) and currently have two suede pairs and one leather, but having seen the purple ones you tried, I’m going to have to seek those out. I’m no spring chicken, and I’m not skinny, although I am quite tall and my legs have always been the bit that I didn’t want to change!
    Go on, go for it, you’ll be converted!

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