Make a Slouchy Bag

suede slouchy bag
Slouchy Bag

I’m busy with big life changing stuff, like funerals and sending my youngest to University. Getting to my sewing table isn’t easy at the moment, but I have sewing dreams.

My first planned make is a slouchy bag (like the one above from Plumo). I will use a Designer’s Guild velvet upholstery fabric. The Designer’s Guild shops, in London, always have tempting remnants at reasonable prices, perfect for making bags. I picked up a decent sized piece of this cut velvet years ago and now I think it would make an excellent slouchy bag and fit perfectly with my autumn palettecut velvet

It’s a stiff fabric, so I don’t know if it will need interfacing. I’ll decide as I go. I plan to have one magnetic fastener hidden in the top facing, so that it falls closed.

Slouchy Bag Plan

slouchy bag drawing

This is my line drawing of the pattern. It will be made-up in patches so that I can make use of the velvet nap by turning it in different directions. A lining could be used below the facing but this is such a heavy, thick fabric that I don’t think it will need one. Here are my plans.

slouchy bag pieces plan

It will be 63cm wide by 40cm deep with an 82cm long strap. These are the pieces, with seam allowance added. slouchy bag pieces cutting plan

And these are the pieces that I will cut from interfacing, if I feel I need some.

slouchy bag pieces interfacing plan

I will assemble it and then write up the instructions and make it a free downloadable PDF for those on my mailing list.



12 thoughts on “Make a Slouchy Bag

      1. Please can I join your mailing list and may I have the pattern for the ‘Slouchy Bag’ please.
        Maureen Wise

  1. Love the simple and functional shape of this and your fabric choice is gorgeous! I think I’d make it as a cross body bag with a longer strap, as shoulder bags always slip off on me. I think I’ve signed up, but haven’t been receiving emails.

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