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Yarnporium Workshop: Yarn and Colour for Fair Isle Knitting

Who’s going to Yarnporium in London, November 5-6th? I will be teaching a Fair Isle yarn and colour choice workshop that should be a lot of fun.

image of fingerless mitts

Yarn and Colour For Fair Isle Knitting Workshop

Come and explore colour and yarn choice for Fair Isle/stranded knitting. Learn my sticky vs. slippery method of choosing yarns, selecting colours, and matching gauges to find yarns that play nicely together. Experiment with yarn colours in a hands-on way to evaluate proportion, contrast and proximity. I will be bringing plenty of yarns to sample and play with.

kaleidomatic app image of warm plaid tweed in repeat with spot colours

We will also experiment with some new technology to create interesting combinations, colour and design ideas. Please bring your tablets and/or smart phones and make sure you have loaded up some pictures with colours, textures and images that you are attracted to.

If you have taken one of my stranded knitting courses before, you may have seen some of my collection of mitten samples. This time I will bring them all.  These are designs that I haven’t shared on social media. And I will be sharing the patterns in the class.


I will also share templates and methods for perfectly fitted and constructed stranded mittens and arm warmers.

It should be lots of fun! Please join me.


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  1. Lovely to see you back on the blog! Sadly, I live far from London and can’t attend your workshop, but it sounds great and I envy those who will join you.

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