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New Pattern Round Up: Vogue 9171

vogue 9171
My final pattern review for the Spring round-up of tops and tunics is Vogue 9171.
This is a Marcy Tilton pattern, recommended for fabrics with drape; stretch wovens, gauze and stable knits.
Vogue 9171
I have to say that I am a little concerned that it looks frumpy on the model. Am I the only one who thinks this?
If I make it, I will really need to make sure there isn’t too much excess fabric around the bust and that I get a good shoulder fit. The one review on Pattern Review notes that it was too big when cut to size and that the shoulders were falling off her broad shouldered frame. I will be watching to see if there are more reviews and how it looks on other non-models.
I think it looks better in this view with full length skinny jeans.
Vogue 9171If I wear a loose tunic, I need a fitted look on the bottom half or I am swamped by fabric. I would typically wear this tunic with jeans or leggings. I have styled it as a longer tunic in my mood board with a drapey slip dress underneath. This could look great on a taller figure but I’m not sure it will work for me.
Perhaps it is the pear shaped silhouette that worries me. I think it might make me look bottom heavy, especially from behind. Although it looks nice on the model, of course.
Vogue 9171
 This pattern looks cosy and useful but I’m not sure if it is something I will feel confident in. I will definitely do a tissue fit and may even make a muslin before cutting into precious fabric. I’d love to hear from anyone else that is considering making this up.
I’ve decided to keep to just 3 pattern review round ups for now. I have ordered these three patterns and will be hacking and sewing them up in a few weeks.
I haven’t reviewed any indie designers yet. They tend not to do a big seasonal release the way the Big 4 do. I will style and review some of them in the future.

14 thoughts on “New Pattern Round Up: Vogue 9171

  1. Liked this pattern but the flared pockets precisely at the hips do add lots of visual weight. It’s always worrying if someone 6 feet tall and 90lbs looks frumpy. May be challenging for the less vertically enhanced. Having said that Tilton patterns are usually flattering…

        1. Oh yes, I made those trousers a few years ago. I think they swamped me a bit. Again this is a problem with too much ease in her patterns. Maybe I should try them again in a smaller size.

  2. I have quite a collection of Tilton patterns and have made many of them – I find they do run REALLY large, and I often go down in sizing a few sizes (by their measurement chart). I find oversized garments make my full hourglass figure just look like a ball and bigger than I actually am – when sized down though, the Tilton patterns are interesting shapes and quite flattering. I find this so frustrating though because every single pattern is a trial and error and a labour of love. I can highly recommend V8982 as a REALLY flattering jacket that works on a wide variety of body shapes.
    Loving this series on wardrobe planning you are doing – it’s very inspiring!

    1. That’s interesting Michelle. I recently got together with a friend to try on some of her designer Rundholz dresses and study their details. She wears a dress size or two smaller than me but is a couple of inches taller, with broader shoulders and a smaller bust. Her dresses swamped me! I think it has a lot to do with shoulder fit. I have narrow shoulders and a large bust. Excess fabric sticks out from my body rather than hanging from my shoulders.
      Do you have narrow shoulders too?

      1. My shoulders & hips are the same width visually. If you go by measurement alone I’m probably technically a pear but don’t look like one from the front. I find things that are closer fitting in general make people look so much smaller. Skimming (not tight) is my friend as I’m ageing!

  3. I have purchased several Tilton patterns. I think the shapes and fabrics are very interesting. Like Michelle, I get super frustrated working with those patterns. I agree with the jacket V8982, I have seen it lengthened and it looks better! I have taken a break from working on the Tilton patterns and returned to Burda and my latest love, The Sewing Workshop patterns. Well drafted, interesting shapes. Still, not great for the mature hour glass figure. (sigh)

    1. Hi Janet, Which Sewing Workshop patterns do you use? I like their patterns but feel they are somehow to formal for me sometimes or aren’t quite the right shape. I agree that they aren’t always the best for curves.

  4. I have this pattern and have not yet made it up. I was wondering how it would look using a jersey fabric with 4 way stretch rather than the fabric recommendations given? Do you have any advice on using different fabric types please?
    Thank you

    1. I haven’t made it up either. I think it would be great in jersey. I have looked at a lot of other people’s versions and the verdict seems to be that there is a lot of ease. If you are making it in jersey, make a smaller size. Think zero ease around bust. I think I’d like one in a sweatshirt fabric.

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