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Nano Iro Double Gauze Love

nano iro prints at
Who doesn’t love Nano Iro fabrics?
I raise my hand to say I think they make the most beautiful prints. They are the perfect balance between art and design. Their prints are both painterly and wearable. I love the feeling of the hand-drawn in all their work.
Gosh, I see they have a book! Add that to my lengthy birthday wishlist.
Poetry Textile book by Nano Iro
Poetry Textile book by Nano Iro

Have you sewn with their double gauze? Or any double gauze (they all have the same hand)?

Nano Iro Double Gauze
Nano Iro Double Gauze

I bought 4m to make a dress last Spring and used it to sew Tina Given’s Michell pattern. I look forward to wearing it again this summer.

The pattern was a bit too roomy and the neckline kept falling off my shoulders. I have since adjusted the pattern and added elastic in the neck casing to keep it together.

Tina Givens dress pattern Michell in Nano Iro Gauze at
Tina Givens dress pattern Michell in Nano Iro Gauze

It took me a while to figure out how to wear it. I had planned to wear it over jeans, as above. However, the double gauze fabric sticks to other fabrics rather than slipping over them. Not great for a layered look or for wearing an undershirt with.

The solution to this problem is to make a simple slip in a silky or slinky fabric. I find a viscose jersey perfect and have made many of them, with and without sleeves. This also helps with the transparency of the double gauze.

Now that I have learned this I am planning to add a few more double gauze tops to my wardrobe.

Mock up of Nano Iro top at

I’ve been working on fitting this tunic top and think it would be perfect in a double gauze fabric. I can change the neckline, the length, the yoke or the sleeves without much trouble. And I think I can really have some fun with the pattern placement (better buy a little extra for this).

Top with Nano Iro Print at

I’ll find a few good co-ordinating and contrasting viscose jersey fabrics and make some slips that can peak out below the hem of the tunic. See how I’ve styled it in the header mood board? Like that please.

Speaking of the header mood board… I’m in love with this scarf from Toast. At £170 it’s not really in my budget, but wow!

Embroidered Toast Scarf
Embroidered Toast Scarf

Sewing With A Plan

I’m currently playing around with spring colour palettes. I am going to Sew With A Plan for the Spring and be really thoughtful in selecting which fabrics I will purchase. More on that in my next post.

2 thoughts on “Nano Iro Double Gauze Love

  1. Love Nana Iro double gauze. I own a yardage but haven’t had the confidence to cut into it yet. They are works of heart. I am thinking of making Vogue 8982. I have made it before and I love it. I might make the jacket longer. Or I will make bed linens. 😉

    1. The gauze is so drapey I would be concerned that it isn’t the right fabric for that jacket. I think it likes gathers better than darts. Would you make it with sleeves or one of the sleeveless versions?

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