Me Made May: Second Week

I participated in Me Made May again this week. Here is the round-up of all the Me Mades I wore.
MMMay 9th

Me Made May 9

Me Made: Tina Given’s Prairie Slip in Liberty lawn paisley and black lawn.

Store bought: Cotton Cardi, eBay leggings, French shoes, Leopard print Eyebrow sunglasses form Tiger

Comments: This was the last day of the heat wave, moments before it started raining, on the rooftop of Pom Pom headquarters. This Tina Givens dress has a built in black lawn underskirt and Liberty Lawn paisley print. I’m not sure about this dress. Something about the way it fits my bust, I don’t like. It’s oversized and I reduced it. I’m wondering if I would like it better if I narrowed the upper body. Or maybe it would just be better on a more statuesque silhouette.

MMMay 10th

Me Made May 10

Me Made: Linen dress. I made this dress last year from a pattern I drafted myself. I l wear it a  lot.

Store bought: Ebay leggings, sandals, thrift shop jewellery.

Comments: I love this dress. It looks good over an undershirt in the winter too. Can you see how it has deep pockets? It’s great when I’m doing photography. I can carry so many lenses in it. I must make it again in  a colour! It’s nice to have a neutral version but I want one in marmalade. Doesn’t that sound good?

Me Made May Day 11

Me Made May 11

Me Made: jersey shirt, African print jacket

Store bought: jeans, cowboy boots, leopard print eyebrow sunglasses from Tiger Tiger.

Comments: I haven’t worn this jacket much since I made it last summer. It wants for items to wear it with. The brown long sleeve t-shirt I wear a lot!

linen dress

Me Made May 12

Me Made: Bag and Dress: I loved my dress from day 10 so much, I made another.

Store bought: Clarks shoes, eBay leggings, crazy eyebrow glasses, vintage bangles.

Comments: I cut and sewed this dress the night before and finished the hem in the morning. I’ve had this beautiful linen/viscose in my stash for a while and almost used it on other projects but held back because I wanted to make full use of its drape. It was perfect for this dress. This is my own pattern. I raised the pockets since my last make but the neckline is probably still a little low. I will wear a lacy undershirt or slip with it.

Me Made May Day 13

Me Made May 13

Me Made: Bag

Me Altered: I bought this silk blouse in my local thrift store. I couldn’t fit into the sleeves and it had a weird scarf around the neck. I removed the scarf and reshaped the sleeves to fit me. I loved the fabric so much that I didn’t mind if it wouldn’t fit but it looks great.

Store bought: jeans, sunglasses, diary

Me Made May nightgown

Me Made May 14&15

Me Made: nightgown

Store bought: nothing

Comments: I’ve been laid low by a migraine so spent two days in bed, unphotographable. I did wear a me made nightgown though.

My Pledge

  1. Wear something Me Made everyday. Yup
  2. Bring into rotation unworn clothes. Yup: I hadn’t worn the African print jacket in a year and now I’m thinking what else I could wear it with.
  3. Document everyday of the month with a photo. More or less: I can’t do anything with a migraine but otherwise I was good and practiced new selfie techniques that I have learned.
  4. Participate in the online communityStill meeting lots of nice people on Instagram.
  5. Make 4 new garments for myself.  Second item made: new dress on day 12. Woo Hoo!
  6. Where are the holes are in my wardrobeWhat can I wear with my African print jacket?

6 thoughts on “Me Made May: Second Week

  1. Lovely dresses all,but i DO prefer the ones that are more fitted at the top on you.Much more flattering.

  2. I am obsessed by your african print jacket. Wanty! It’s calling out for an indigo slip dress. It look sfantastic on you.

    I”m heading off to research where I can get similar african print fabric….

    1. Hi Michelle, I guess I’m lucky because I live in an area with a large African community and there are a ton of African Wax prints here. It is hard to choose. And they are very cheap. Mostly cotton, printed in Holland (?) and usually starched to within an inch of their life. If you have trouble finding some, let me know and I can hook you up from the UK.

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