Bits and Bobbins: Fear of Bad Hair

  • Raise your hand if you’re afraid that a bad hair cut could turn you into a frumpy suburban mom.
    Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 16.02.10
  • This week I got my hair cut and coloured in a new way. I’ve been contemplating an update for a while, but I live in fear of looking like a suburban mom or, let’s be realistic, a middle aged frump. This SNL sketch says it all.
  • No offence meant to anyone who has a “throne of swords in the back” hair cut. I’m sure there are ways of rocking this. I keep looking at Lisa Rinna’s hair and wondering if I like it. This woman confuses me. Is she pretty or a freak? I can’t figure it out. Her eyes are big, and that can’t be done surgically, can it?

Lisa Rinna

  • I admired Lotta Jansdotter’s hair. And thought something like this with choppy, layers in a short, messy updo might be possible on me.
    I wondered if it would look best on a blonde. So I suggested we add more highlights to my hair. This is a very middle aged thing to do. Hide those greys with blonde streaks, don’t you know. But sometimes it’s good to shake things up.

Lotta Jansdotter

  • Hairdressers never like to take too much off at once. I will work my way shorter. I don’t have Lotta’s hair texture but I’m trying to convince my hair that I do, with magical products.

New Hair

  • I’m feeling very body positive this month, in spite of (or maybe, because of) all the selfies that Me Made May has brought. However, I stumbled on this weight simulator and had a play.
    I don’t think this avatar of me looks very good, no matter what weight she is. She has a terrible wardrobe, this was the only thing I could give her to wear. I was mean to her and gave her the bad haircut as well. (That isn’t really my goal weight; I don’t have such a thing).

weight simulator

  • I had an indulgent full day of sewing yesterday and finished my first Washi dress and a denim Pilvi coat. The cut of the Washi Dress is very flattering. I love it! This is an excellent pattern and great if your smallest (waist) size is just below your bust, as it often is, for curvy girls.

Washi Dress

  • I made the largest size and enlarged the bust. I don’t know why Made by Rae doesn’t grade this pattern up to larger sizes. It would be great for bigger girls. Not too hard to do yourself, but I know it would scare many beginners. I’m glad I adjusted the neckline too: it fits perfectly.
  • I was worried that this cotton would cling without a lining but I’ve got no problems. I had a slip that was perfect but it doesn’t even seem too bad without it. I thought I would never consider making a dress with quilting cotton. I was wrong.
  • I have lots of ideas for future Washi Dresses including layers of linen. This dress is inspiring.
washi update



One thought on “Bits and Bobbins: Fear of Bad Hair

  1. Love the new hair! It’s kind of disheveled, softer and sexy. Really shows off your Lisa Rinna-sized green eyes. Think it’s the age when we want to turn everything upside down. K. had to walk me away from the ledge of short and platinum. Dangerous days- could have ended up looking like S.’s chubby sister:) The dress is beautiful! What is the print? Looking forward to seeing your upcoming Washi iterations…

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