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Grey and Gold Spring Mood

Alabama Chanin gold and grey

Yesterday I got excited about combining grey and gold and sewing an Alabama Chanin pattern. The obsession spilled over into another mood board.

I love the hems of the two Alabama Chanin skirts on the left. It is such a great idea to use two or more layers of jersey together to create a thicker fabric. Thicker fabric is more forgiving to lumps and English weather. It also helps clothes hang well.

Last autumn I made a reversible gold and black coat from Vogue pattern 8930.

Juju In Winter coat
My Gold and Black winter coat, Vogue 8930

It is black wool with a bronze-gold foil on one side. I made it fully reversible but I haven’t worn it on the gold side. That’s a little too much bling, even for me.

It needs some mustard gold and grey to carry it into spring. And maybe it needs those gold brogues.

I know I do.

Also, I’m obsessing over these hand-woven, Colombian, cotton bags designed by Sophie Anderson. I’ve been noticing these beautifully woven, rather pricey bags popping up all-over lately.

Sophie Anderson hand-woven, Columbian cotton tote

SOPF-WY1_V2 Sophie Anderson hand-woven, Columbian cotton tote SOPF-WY3_V1

It should come as no surprise to us makers, that they take between 10 days and a month to make.  Traditionally, the bodies of the bags are made with a crochet hook and the straps are made by weaving on a backstrap loom. However, Sophie Anderson’s versions don’t seem to include the beautifully woven straps.

Way women working on their bags
Wayuu women working on their bags

You can also buy colourful, (slightly more affordable) versions from Chila Bags.

Chila Bag Chila Bag Chila Bag Chila Bag

I was tempted to suggest crocheting my own but really the work and skill that goes into them by the Wuyuu women deserves to be supported.

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