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Disguised as a Quiet Person

Disguised as A Quiet Person
I love to wear bold pattern and rich colour combinations but I have days when I want to disguise myself as a quiet person.
These aren’t the days where I’m wearing an old sweatshirt and jeans; walking in the rain and cleaning my house.
I am talking about the days when I am out amongst the people but I need to tone down my loud personality. Sometimes, even I get embarrassed by my loudness.
I would feel confident and quiet in the outfit I have styled above.
Grey is my colour for these days. But I still love some texture with my greys. I love the idea of embroidering with grey/black/taupe onto a basic grey skirt. I have never made any Alabama Chanin clothes but I would really love to.
Ruth Skirt by Alabama Chanin
Ruth Skirt by Alabama Chanin

And I think I would love some metallics with my greys too. Silver is the obvious choice, but maybe gold is unexpected and more fun. Alabama Chanin has got that going on too.

Alabama Chanin raglan top
Tony Raglan Alabama Chanin
Alabama Chanin skirt fabric
Addison Skirt Fabric by Alabama Chanin
 Perhaps this is the year I need to tackle an A-line Alabama Chanin Skirt with embroidery. That would keep me quiet for a while.

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