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Bits and Bobbins: Third Week of April

Merchant and Mills Strand Coat
Merchant and Mills Strand Coat
  • Don’t be sad pretty girl, you are wearing a nice version of the Merchant and Mills Strand Coat. You can be sad for me, because I am still waiting for my copy of the pattern in the post, but you should be happy with your nice coat.
  • Does anyone else find the Merchant and Mills pattern cover pictures stylish but annoying? I mean, what is going on here?

Merchant and Mills Strand Coat

  • Wouldn’t this metallic linen make a devine spring coat?

metallic linen fabric

  • I loved listening to the Cal Patch episode of the crafty planner.
  • So apparently that funky looking Japanese book with the fun lady on the front cover is called “Fashionable Adult”. I want to be a “Fashionable Adult”. Look how cool they are.
Fashionable Adult
Fashionable Adult Magazine
  •  Speaking of Japanese Style, I love this coat pattern from Linnet in Japan. Do I need another coat pattern?
Linnet Coat pattern
Linnet Coat pattern
  • It’s hard work punching holes in leather straps with small hands. I think I might have to wait for my husband to come home, on the weekend, before I can finally finish my tote bags. I wish I had chosen softer leather for the handles. Lesson learned.

leather hole punch

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