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Wardrobe Architect: My Palette

This week’s task, in the Wardrobe Architect Series, was to identify my colour story and organise my palette. Oh boy, did I find this tricky!

My problem is, I love all the colours. There is no colour I wouldn’t consider wearing. There are combinations of colours I don’t particularly want to wear, but there is no single colour off the menu!

I love to use colour to reflect and create a mood.

I agree with Sarai Mitnick,

…I think color is too subjective and emotional to leave to anyone else’s preferences. I don’t care what supposedly suits me as much as I care how I feel in and around a color. Because color has so much power over our moods, I’d rather create those moods for myself.

So, my palette is really all the colours. However, there are certain colours that I gravitate to and will happily wear a whole outfit composed of. These colours are my neutrals. When I started to pull these colours from my wardrobe, I realised how I feel very differently about the colours I wear, depending on the season.

I gravitate to lighter, nostalgic, colours in the spring/summer and richer, deeper colours in the autumn/winter. There are items in my wardrobe that could be multi-seasonal but the colours keep me from wearing them out of season.

I have used this painting by Mercedes Laguna to illustrate the mood of my colour summer choices.

Mercedes Lagunas: Summer colour inspiration

Wardrobe Architect: Key Summer Colours jujuvail.com

This painting by Hovsep Pushman illustrates my feelings about cooler weather clothing.

Wardrobe Architect: Winter colour mood jujuvail.com

Wardrobe Architect: Key Winter Colours jujuvail.com

I selected another group of colours that I gravitate towards for accents and accessories in all seasons.

Wardrobe Architect: Accent Colours jujuvail.com

I would also add all the metallics. I often wear silver jewellery but I have metallic accessories in all types and love them all. I love my metallic shoes!

I don’t know if I’ll be able to use these colours palettes to help organise my clothing shopping/making. I’ll have to get back to you on that.


I’m planning on knitting Vitamin D by Heidi Kirrmaier this summer and I’m trying to choose a colour and yarn.

Vitamin DI’m considering Shalimar Breathless. It has great drape and some silk. I don’t want a yarn that is too variegated as I think that is unflattering with the short rows. I was originally thinking I would choose something basic like brown or grey but now I’m thinking of this sweater as a colourful accessory. Here’s my short list:

Love Potion Shalimar Breathless
Love Potion
citrine Shalimar Breathless
shamrock Shalimar Breathless

I’m leaning heavily towards the Love Potion. It is a very vivid colour but it sits nicely with my winter colours and would provide a strong accent to my summer palette.

6 thoughts on “Wardrobe Architect: My Palette

    1. I assume you mean IN Love Potion. On Love Potion might be a different thing. I celebrated my 24th wedding anniversary yesterday with a husband who is sick with the flu. He could use some Love Potion.

  1. Love potion would be my choice to. I have a shawl in a similar colour and it not only goes with everything in all seasons it also makes me happy every time I wear it

  2. Hm, I would say knit it three times, once in each color! The Love Potion is terrific, but based on your reflections on color, above, any one of them would fit well in your wardrobe as an all-season accessory.

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