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Wardrobe Architect: Hair Style

I’m now on week 8 of the Wardrobe Architect series: Hair Style, Makeup & Beauty. The questions in this section are the most uncomfortable for me. While I love clothes in spite of a deep distrust of the fashion industry, I feel suspicious about the whole concept of beauty and the products associated with it.

I can judge if a dress is well made, from good materials and whether it suits me, but I have no such grounds to asses hair, makeup and beauty products beyond liking my eyelashes to show-up and my lips a particular colour. I assume most beauty products are snake oil and pray on women’s insecurities.

For instance, I don’t believe there’s much you can do to improve your skin or prevent signs of ageing (apart from avoiding excessive sun). I think, my genetics have gifted me with pretty good skin and few wrinkles at 49. I have done nothing. (I’m not boasting, I’m just trying to dispel beauty myths). I don’t particularly clean my face and rarely use any creams. If I get a wind or sun burn I use something basic like E45 cream.

I am completely overwhelmed at a beauty counter. How on earth does one asses all these products? One brand alone, has typically got over a dozen mascaras.

Who can you trust to give you advice? Advertisers, salespeople, bloggers and journalists all have a stake. Even a friend’s recommendation can be motivated by her own insecurities and misjudgement. I want scientific double-blind tests as to whether a beauty product will improve my looks.

Do you avoid buying beauty products? Where do you go for advice?

What’s With My Hair?

I don’t have the hair I want, but this seems a universal complaint. My dream hair is thick and so curly that I can put it in a messy up do, with only a pencil to hold it.
curly hair
Funny thing is, my children have this hair. I’ve always been so jealous of my daughter’s hair. (She’s happy with it, BTW.)
However, we get what we get, and I got straight.


I think it suits me best when I can bring out as much wave as possible with a choppy, layered cut and scrunching to dry. I also like my face with the frame of bangs/fringe.

When I look back to a year ago, I was wearing no bangs and not spending anytime styling, I’m ashamed.

bad hair style
Bad hair

Mostly I was wearing it up, but that wasn’t working, the way it once had, either.

Hair style behaving badly
Hair behaving badly

Now that I’ve had it cut in layers, shorter and recoloured with more blonde, I think it looks much better (most of the time).

I’m actually having a great hair summer. Lake water helps. It gives my hair a little grit to create more texture and it blow dries on the dock.

Juju's current Hair style & makeup

Hair Products

Having said that I don’t have much faith in products, here are three that I’ve grown to like:

  1. I can get “lake” hair texture in London, with Bumble & Bumble surf infusion.
  2. A spritz of Moroccan Oil spray gives my hair amazing shine and glimmer. I love this stuff. I add a few drops of my favourite essential oils for scent; lavender, tea tree and rosemary.
  3. I’m learning the power of  Aveda texturising creme. I love the smell of Aveda products.

I’m willing to learn and improve but I’m still suspicious of spending too much money. Any suggestions?

I will move on to Make-up and beauty products in my next Wardrobe Architect post.

3 thoughts on “Wardrobe Architect: Hair Style

  1. If I find a product that I like and it works for me, then I stick to it . I do not trust adverts and therefore do not spend a lot of money on products. My favourite products are Magic Minerals face powder by Jerome Alexander, Nivea Q10 eye cream and Soap & Glory Hand Food.

  2. My hair is big, unruly waves that change with the humidity, so I think i understand your situation! However, I’ve thought your hair has looked nice in your photos. I think sometimes we are harder on ourselves than we are on others.

    I’m glad you found some products that work. When I find one, it seems like it’s discontinued immediately after!

    An upcoming goal is to learn how to make my own shampoo and conditioner so that I can have exactly what works for me. : )

  3. I’ve recently learned quite a bit about the science behind what makes ‘good’ skin ‘good’–and the general techniques and ingredients we need to help improve our own skin–on Reddit, of all places. The skincareaddiction subreddit, to be exact. Based on what I’ve learned so far, your ‘good’ skin is probably in part due to the lack of crazy creams and whatnot (although, as always, heredity certainly helps here!). I have the crazy-curly hair (though brown, not blonde as in the pic) and I hated it as a teen, ignored it in my twenties, and love in now in my thirties. I rock the ‘bedhead chic’ look most days with (I hope) grace, and it really is mostly just bedhead.

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