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Undershirts and Slip Dresses

Gold and Black in the Spring

I wear thermal undershirts for 8 months of the year.

Heat tech undershirt from Uniqlo

I buy them from Uniqlo or M&S. They are thin (show all the lumps) but warm and cosy.  Sometimes the neckline peaks out but it is mainly around the lower part of my arm that they are on display. I usually choose a contrasting colour to the top layer.

I have lots of colours and I add a few new ones each year. They sell them off cheaply in spring, if there are any left.  I think I need this canary yellow one from the Patron Saint of underwear, St Michaels.

Marks and Spencer undershirt

You may already wear these. If you don’t, you are missing out! They make winter dressing so much more fun and comfortable, without extra bulk.

I bought one of these sparkly M&S ones last spring, in grey, and it has been one of my faves this winter. Might need this red one.

sparkly M&S undershirt

All my winter shirts/tops/tunics need to fit over these. This isn’t usually a problem unless the biceps are too tight. I buy them to fit snugly, so a slightly smaller size than I would buy in a dress.

Then I layer them with a tunic/dress and trousers, leggings or tights.  A lot of my dresses and tunics have wide sleeves so sweaters don’t fit too well over top. I tend to layer shawls and scarves over them.

I need to make some sleeveless winter tunics so I can wear my hand-knitted cardi’s on top. I have lots of jersey slips, as discussed before, but I need to make some woven fabric ones, like the slip dress in the mood board.

This appears to be made from Vietnamese silk fabric.

Vietnamese silk fabric Vietnamese silk fabric

These are a blend of 75% silk/ 25% viscose. The jacquard fabric is completely reversible and the colours have a lovely shot quality. A friend recently gave me about 4 metres. I was planning on making a top but maybe I should use it for a slip dress. I have a pattern ready to go. Maybe tomorrow.

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