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The End Of Me Made May 2016

The End of Me Made May

The last day of Me Made May was cold, rainy and windy, here in London: the worst weather of the whole month. Never mind, I got to wear my new Surry Hills Cardi, denim Pilvi coat and bobble scarf.

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The End of Me Made May

How did My Me Made May Resolutions Hold Up?

  1. I wore something Me Made everyday. Even the days I was sick, I wore a me made nightgown.
  2.  I brought into rotation some clothes that I wasn’t confident about. Some of these, like my Tina Givens Prairie dresses may get retired, while others, like my African print jacket and circle skirt have rejoined my wardrobe. I also have a few alterations  to perform to get more life out of other items like my blue dress.
  3. I Documented every day of the month with a photo. I got a lot more comfortable with photos of myself. So comfortable, that I am taking pictures in changing rooms and all over the place.  I also really enjoyed looking at photos of other real women, looking fabulous. I found lots of inspiration on Instagram. I was particularly interested in seeing mature women with individual style.
  4. I made new sewing friends and encouraged others in their sewing and showing via social media. I was particularly active on Instagram. I made some really good connections and will continue to follow and communicate with my new friends.
  5. I made 7 new garments for myself: pom pom infinity scarf, check top (I don’t think this one is a keeper though), denim Pilvi coat, blister cotton tunic, washi dress, floral linen dress and White Surry Hills cardigan. I also revamped an old kimono and altered some jeans to fit.
  6. There were some items I wore this month that I have evaluated differently now that I have seen pictures of myself. Anything that is oversized in the upper body, just doesn’t make me feel good. I want more washi dresses and short jackets.

In terms of sewing impact, I can’t beat my two new Pilvi coats and my three handmade bags. These items really pepped up my wardrobe. I need more coats, particularly for bad weather. These are on my to do list. There will also be more special bags in my future. I will evaluate what mood I want to create with them in the autumn.

I’ve really enjoyed Me Made May and want to continue making, documenting and evaluating my wardrobe. I’m going to continue by posting on Instagram every week with Me Made Mondays. Want to join me? #mmmonday

5 thoughts on “The End Of Me Made May 2016

  1. I have loved seeing all of your me-mades through May, I don’t have near enough to join it yet but it has inspired me to keep going and keep learning.

  2. I have looked forward to your photos on instagram each day and love love love your style. You may worry about selfies but I just see a talented confident woman who has a zest for life and a confident style! You have inspired me to buy some fabric and start sewing again after many years of neglecting my sewing machine!

    1. Thank you Sandra. That’s great to hear! I am feeling much more confident about selfies. The best thing to hear though, is that I inspired you to sew. What is your Instagram handle. DM me on Insta, if you don’t want to say her.

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