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Autumn Wardrobe ’16 Mood, Wishlist and Palette

I’m still planning my capsule wardrobe for Autumn 2016. I’ve made a mood board on Pinterest, cleared out and reorganised my stash, and defined my silhouettes. I made a mood board from the most essential items on my Pinterest board and a colour palette. It’s handy to sum up my aesthetic for the season in one cohesive mood… Continue reading Autumn Wardrobe ’16 Mood, Wishlist and Palette


Organise for Autumn Sewing Now

Is the first week in September, your real New Year? I’s mine! Between school/university aged-children, and the change in season, I think of it as the beginning of the new year. I’m refining my autumn palette and planning my sewing (read more about this in my Wardrobe Architect posts). I will not buy any RTW clothes this year… Continue reading Organise for Autumn Sewing Now

Bits and Bobbins

Birthday Bits and Bobbins

Thursday will be my weekly day for round-ups. I’ll keep you posted about my latest obsessions and the week’s sewing highlights. I’m calling it Bits and Bobbins. Beware, there are sew many potential puns in a sewing blog. Today is my first Bits and Bobbins. Bits and Bobbins It’s my birthday today – last one before I hit the half-century!… Continue reading Birthday Bits and Bobbins