Recent Watercolour Paintings

Lake Watcher by Juju Vail
Lake Watcher
Watecolour and pastel, 2014, 16.5 x 21cm

As I promised myself, I have been painting a lot since September. These three mixed-media, watercolour paintings are part of a group I completed at the end of last year.

Watercolour Clapton Pond Rose by Juju Vail
Clapton Pond Rose
Watercolour, pastel and gouache
19 x 28cm


Glitter by Juju Vail; watercolour and gouache painting
Watercolour and gouache painting
24 x 29cm

The new year is difficult. Lots of chores and catch up to do. I have been painting, but I’m feeling a stagnant.

2 thoughts on “Recent Watercolour Paintings

  1. Wow! I decided to go back and read your blog from the start. Lake Watcher really captured my imagination. The colors and textures are wonderful.

    1. Oh thanks Brenda. I’ve missed painting over the last year. I’m sorting out my painting studio at the moment too. I want to get going again.

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