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Knit Apps: Kuler App for Knit Picking

kaleidomatic app image of warm plaid tweed in repeat with spot colours

Yes, this post is called Kuler App for Knit Picking; not Cooler App or Colour App.

Kuler is an Adobe app. If you already work with Photoshop or Illustrator, you may know it. The Adobe Kuler app for your phone (or Adobe Kuler for your computer) are fantastic ways to get a colour palette out of an image. The phone app allows you to point your phone at a scene and pull a palette of five colours from it, based on different harmony rules. The image below is another example of a Kaleidomatic repeat of the lichen covered trash can from my previous post.

An other version of the Lichen picture through Kaleidomatic

I took it into Kuler (on my desktop) and selected the colour mood “colourful” from the drop down menu. Can you see the little circles on the image? They show where the colours have been picked from.

Kuler screen shot with one of the Lichen Kaleidomatic picturesAnother “mood” from the same photo is this muted one below. I like the two neutral beige-greens with a brick red and a bright red. The yellow isn’t too bright but would make a good contrast to the other colours. I see this working well as the beginning of a Fair Isle palette.

Kuler screen shot with one of the Lichen Kaleidomatic pictures However, I might want to pull some more darks to go with it. The next screenshot is the “dark” mood.

Kuler screen shot with one of the Lichen Kaleidomatic pictures Kuler allows you to save these colour palettes. You can take them into the Adobe Suite and use them in designs or you can just store them on your phone to help you select yarn for your Fair Isle projects.

In my next post I’ll show you how I translate these into yarns and swatches.

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