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Bits and Bobbins: Esme Young Delight

  • I love Esme Young! She is my new style icon!
    When I are they going to give us the “What Esme Wore” segment of the Great British Sewing Bee? I need at least 5 minutes, of each episode, to include a detailed look at what she is wearing, her accessories and details. I love her style! Here are some lousy screen grabs of some of her outfits.

Esme Young Style

  • She wears a lot of simple A-line silhouettes in neutral colours and then jazzes them up with amazing neck details. Makes sense, given that most of the filming is head and shoulders. She is committed to a good flat and usually has fabulous jewellery. Watch out for her rings. Who else wants to know more about Esme Young’s clothes?
  • I loved the coat dress with ribbed collars and cuffs she wore this week. I need more information!

Esme Young on The Great British Sewing Bee Esme Young on The Great British Sewing Bee

  • I think a ribbed collar would be another great hack for the Pilvi coat.

Progress on the Wardrobe Architect Series and My Sewing

  • I’m still following (and loving) the Wardrobe Architect series. I’ve blogged about my core style and key silhouettes. I’m currently working on my colour story. It’s so tough because I love all the colours!  It was very difficult to narrow down my colour story. I’m working on it: I’ll blog my colour palette preferences on Monday.
  • I made another Washi Dress. I will have the full details up on the blog on Saturday. This one has a double layer for the skirt.

Double layer linen Washi Dress

Dressmaking Detective

  • I’ve been trying on tops. Trying to find a simple silhouette that is flattering. I don’t think a dropped shoulder suits my tiny shoulders/big bust very well but I’m experimenting.

Cos Dress

  • This top has a very narrow sleeve, dropped shoulder and curved side seam. Not quite a dolman, which is good; I don’t like too much fabric under my arm.

Cos Dress

  • This was not a stretch fabric. It was interesting. Not perfect, but one to add to the Dressmaking Detective files.

13 thoughts on “Bits and Bobbins: Esme Young Delight

  1. I’m a big Esme fan, she’s a legend! Does she make her own clothes, or design them and have her people whip them up, I need to see her shoes too??? I don’t get to see GBSB in Australia til Tuesday night – I spend all Tuesday arvo refreshing my YouTube feed just waiting for it to pop up. There just isn’t enough sewing and making on TV. Off topic, but have you seen Dior and I?

    1. You can see her shoes in the show. They are all black flats like Dr.Martens. I haven’t seen Dior and I. I must, people keep recommending it to me. Maybe I’ll get a chance this weekend.

  2. I want to be Esme too, she has great style! Simplicity with an element of surprise. Love how she appreciates the contestants personal style and encourages creativity. (So sad to see Ramana go …)

    1. I hate it when any contestant leaves. I’d be happy just to watch a group of people sewing every week. I don’t need winners and losers.

  3. I adore Esme too both her style and her contributions to the show. Her critiques are precise, consistent and expanding. Her look makes me think we all need more, bigger and bolder jewellery. Time for you to dig out your beautiful beads?! Love the double skirt and thanks too for the Wardrobe Architect link.

  4. I like most of Esme’s style – but not at all sure about the orange and blue number she wore for, I think, 60’s week. It reminded me of the paper Chinese lanterns we made at school as Christmas decorations.
    I spoke to someone who used to work with her, and she said that Esme gets her students to make things for her.

    1. A lot of people had doubts about that dress but it was interesting to look at. I spent the whole episode trying to figure out what was going on with it.
      I guess she has a lot of designers at her beck and call.

  5. I’m with you on the Esme Young thing. Lovely style. We need to know more!

    Also love, love, love the top you are trying on. Fabulous fabric and a great fit. Where can I get one?

    1. The top was from John Lewis but I failed to make a note of which line. The Dressmaking Detective will have to take better notes in the future.

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