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I pretend, to myself, that I travel light and don’t carry tote bags.
But I do.
I need to have my knitting, camera and laptop when I go out to work.
I have always used free cotton bags or cheap and cheerful M&S print ones. I thought it was a good economy. Why spend money on tote bags when they are so readily available for free?
But I realised what a major player tote bags are in a look. They are a large flat or sculpted area of pattern and/or colour. My favourite thing!


What a great way to make a neutral outfit more exciting.
So, I went tote bag shopping. I tried on many different bags at John Lewis. I thought I wanted one in grey or a metallic, that would blend with lots of outfits. But when I looked in the mirror, I saw how meh they were.
The one affordable bag, that really looked great, was the orange, one from John Lewis in the top mood board; practical and sturdy… PERFECT!
There will be more quality totes in my future!
And I think there needs to me more ORANGE in my spring wardrobe.

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